Markus Vater was born in Düsseldorf am Rhein in 1970. His father worked as a social worker, travel agent, hostel owner and psychotherapist. He grew up in Düsseldorf and from the age of six in the Eifel: Highlands with volcanic origins that stretch from south of Cologne to the river Mosel. The Eifel is rich in forests and grazing animals. Vater grew up with horses, cats and wild pigs, and was frequently visited by deer. During his childhood, he observed his father giving seminars on communication and group dynamics after the models and theories of Friedemann Schulz von Thun and Paul Wazlawick; something that would later influence his work.
After his A-levels, he studied Philosophy and Art History in Trier. During these years, he lost the use of his legs for long periods, initiated by a genetic disorder that affected his cartilage. After two years of walking on crutches and using a wheelchair, he recovered and decided to study art. He began his studies at the Kunstakademie Münster in Westphalia, where Ulrich Erben, Liz Bachhuber and Timm Ullrichs taught him.  In 1994, he moved to Düsseldorf, the town of his birth, and started studying at the Kunstakademie there. First with the painter Dieter Krieg and later with Alfonso Hüppi. Together with a group of other students, he began to organise events and exhibitions, which involved painting, dancing and video. The collective was called hobbypop. In 1998 Vater became Meisterschüler of the Akademie and received his degree.
The Düsseldorf Akademie combined a great mix of influences, stemming from the professorship of Joseph Beuys some 25 years earlier. This environment shaped a whole generation of artists that followed including Martin Kippenberger and Georg Herold. The music then was punk; in the 1990s it was the minimal electronic music originated by Kraftwerk, also working in the vicinity of the Akademie in the 1970s.
Other influences included the ‘Wiener Gruppe’, with Oswald Wiener still teaching courses on Turing machines, self-observation and Artificial Intelligence, as well as Friedrich Heubach, the founder of the magazine "Interfunktionen". In this climate art became a way of communicating with other students, free of categories and open in its possibilities.
During his time in Duesseldorf, Vater exhibited with Galerie 102, who also showed Cornelia Parker and other British artists, which influenced his decision to come to London. In 1998, he applied for a DAAD Scholarship to study in London and subsequently received his MA from the RCA in 2000.
In the meantime, hobbypop had become hobbypopMuseum, with shows at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Deitch Projects in New York and the Anthony D’Offay Gallery in London. In 2003, Vater won the Villa Romana scholarship to live and work for in Florence for a year. He stopped exhibiting with hobbypop on a regular basis and has since had solo shows at Sies+Hoeke Gallery in Düsseldorf (2008), Wilhelm Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen (2009) , Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf (2010), Rupert Pfab Galerie Düsseldorf (2016), Union Gallery in London (2017), Ludwigsburger Kunstverein (2018) and at the Bluebox of the Sprengelmuseum Hannover (2022).
He has been a visiting tutor at institutions including Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Chelsea College of Art & Design and the Royal College of Art. In 2014, he was appointed Guest professor at the HFBK in Hamburg. He has been a tutor in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art from 2014-2016. Afterwards he had been appointed Guest professor at the AdBK Karlsruhe from 2016 to 2019. Markus Vater lives and works in London and Düsseldorf and is currently Professor for Painting/Drawing and Head of Department for Interdisciplinary Studies at the HBK Essen. He is represented by Rupert Pfab Gallery in Düsseldorf and Galerie Peter Zimmermann in Mannheim.
1970 born in Düsseldorf
1990 Philosophy and Arthistory at the University of Trier
1992 Kunstakademie Münster to Prof. Ulrich Erben
1994 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
to Prof. Dieter Krieg and later Prof. Alfonso Hüppi
1998 Akademiebrief and Meisterschüler with Alfonso Hüppi
Royal College of Art , London
2000 MA in Painting at the RCA
solo exhibitions _____________________________________________________________
2023 “Objects of Significance",Rupert Pfab Galerie ,Düsseldorf, Germany
2022 “Dark Dogs Frightened Cats", Z3 Contemporaries ,Schwaebisch Hall , Germany
2022 “Mary sees the sun", Bluebox , Sprengel Museum , Hannover
2018 “Ich bin der Riss der durch die Welt geht”, Zeichnungen ,Galerie Rupert Pfab, Düsseldorf
2018 “Alles fliesst, nur weiss niemand wohin - Animationen”, Exhibition of Griffelkunst Hamburg e.V. in Otterndorf
2018 “What You See is not What You Look at”, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg, Germany
2017 “Sitting in a hole that has the shape of a frightened cat”, Union Gallery, London
2015 “In einer anderen Sprache bin ich ein anderer Mensch”, Orangerie Schloss Rheda Wiedenbrueck,
Kunstverein Bleichhaeuschen, Rheda Wiedenbrueck
2015 “I imagine how You imagine I imagine You”, Galerie Rupert Pfab, Duesseldorf
2014 “Wogegen ist eigentlich die Gegenwart?” ,Kunstverein Rostock, Rostock, Germany (upcoming)
2013 “Die Unendlichkeit ist auch nicht mehr was Sie mal war” , Galerie Peter Zimmermann, Mannheim
2013 “At the end of the world”, Number 82, Deptford, London
2010 "Das Metapherproblem" ,Spot On 05, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
2009 "A show about things that are there because they are not there: like a shadow or death" ,
Zinger presents, London
2009 "Heute denke ich mich in ein Blatt hinein", Rudolph Scharpf Galerie, Wilhelm Hack Museum,
Ludwigshafen am Rhein
2009 "Worlds don’t come easy", Display, Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein
2008 "Briefe an die Schmetterlinge", Sies+Hoeke Galerie, Düsseldorf
2007 "Death and his combineharvester" , Zinger presents , Amsterdam
2007 Projekt Passanten , Fundament Foundation , Tilburg ,Holland
2006 "Alle Wege führen in die Hosentaschen der Nachkriegsgeneration"
Sies + Hoeke Galerie ,Düsseldorf
2005 "?" Artagents Gallery , Hamburg
2004 "Gibt es Geschehnisse ,die nicht an Orten stattfinden?" at Sies + Hoeke Galerie ,Düsseldorf
2003 "Das Orakel" Foerderkoje auf der Art Cologne , Köln
2002 "Markus Vater" , Vilma Gold Gallery, London
2002 "At the end of the world...", Escale , Düsseldorf
2002 Drawings and Animations , Sies + Hoeke Gallery ,Düsseldorf
2000 “Das Hans Albers Projekt”.SITE Ausstellungsraum, Düsseldorf
1998 “her hands smell of architecture “ , Ginsa, Tokio
1997 “Vaterboy leckt Mutterboy “(mein Gehirn sagt Guten Tag .),Mehrwert, Aachen
1997 “Ich moechte Dein Schlauchboot streicheln ! “,Galerie 102, Düsseldorf
1997 “Malerei “,Galerie Geviert, Berlin
1996 “Büro für konkrete Symetrie" ,Künstlerhaus Dortmund
1996 “Wir tarnen uns für die Sintflut”,Galerie 102, Düsseldorf
2023 “20years Union Gallery” at Union Gallery ,London
2023 “Die Grosse”, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
2023 “Niemand ist Niemand” mit Stefanie Trojan,Gesellschaft fuer zeitgenoessische Kunst, Hase29, Osnabrueck
2022 “Eine Linie ist ein Ort” mit Margarete Lindau, 9K Galerie, Willich
2022 “Barbarians at the gate” mit Kate Street, James Scott Brooks, Douglas White, digitale Ausstellung auf Blackbird on Superrare
2022 “Summershow” Royal Academy of Art, London
2022 “Zero Gravity” with Aljoscha, Dmitrij Dihovichnij, David Fried, Max Grüter, Simone Hooymans, LIQUIFER, Kay Kaul, Martin Kleppe, Kirsten Krüger, Aylin Leclaire, Stefan Lux, Mihoko Ogaki, Klaus Richter, Melanie Richter, Bruno Streich, Markus Vater, Oleg Yushko unterstützt von Stiftung Kunstfond in ES365, Raum für Kunst, 40231 Düsseldorf
2022 “Vor den Bildern” mit Havin Al-Sindy, Yukako Ando, Rimma Arslanov, Margit Bauer, Alisa Berger, Marie Bovo, Richard Deacon, Arpad Dobriban, Pia Fries, Clemens Botho Goldbach, Matthias Grotevent, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Birgit Jensen, Gisela Kleinlein, Sarah Kürten, Denise Lasagni, Mary Mikaelyan, Jonas Monka, Guido Münch, Mayumi Okabayashi, Bea Otto, Martin Pfeifle, Anys Reimann, Philipp Röcker, Michel Sauer, Fari Shams, Teresiña Talarico, Markus Vater, Kristin Wenzel, Piotr Zamojski, René Zeh im NKR (Neuer Kunstraum), Düsseldorf
2021 “Komisch Wetter” with Hadas Auerbach (ISR), Sarah Bechter (AUT), dans op the tafel (Siggi Hofer (IT), Michael Strasser (AUT) ), Julia Frank (IT), Cecilia Mangini †2021 (IT), Fabian Seiz (AUT), Tobias Teschner (DE), Markus Vater (DE), Pawel Zukowski (POL) , Kunstverein Schattendorf , Austria
2021 “Toolbox” curated by Thomas Blank und Jonas Ahlberg, exhibition in San Diego, London, Karlsruhe, Zuerich
2021 “Videocitta - Video Art Program 3rd Edition, curated DAMIANA LEONI and RÄ DI MARTINO Palazzo dei Congressi, Eur district - Rome
2021 “Werkschau Chou Chou” , Spinnerei Leipzig, Leipzig
2021 “Die Grosse” , Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf
2021 “Streg and Menneske” kuratiert von Hartmut Stockter, mit Al Masson, Louise Pedersen, Sebastian Quedenbaum, Uwe Jahn, Inga Krog Møller, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Anna Stahn, Jenni Tietze, Petra Lottje, Markus Vater , Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, Kopenhagen
2020 “UNSTILLED LIFE: Artist Animations 1980-2020” curated by Paul Carey Kent and Emma Cousin with Edwina Ashton, Rä di Martino, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Andy Holden, Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley, Erkka Nissinen, Jacco Olivier, Hans Op de Beeck, Zbigniew Rybczynski, Emma Talbot, Markus Vater, Levi Van Veluw and Run Wrake at Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam
2020 “A Perfect Day” with Erik van Lieshout, Rogier Roeters, Nedko Solakov, Rinus van de Velde, Miram Elia , Dan Perjovschi, Liana Finck, David Shrigley ,Koen Taselaar, Paul Davis, Christoph Niemann, Bert Mebius, Mr. Bingo, Jon-Michael Frank, Lieven Segers, Gummbah, Edward Steed , Nadine Redlich, Javier Mayoral, Koos Buster Stroucken, Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Kamagurka , David Bade, Markus Vater, Stefan Marx, Martijn Engelbregt, Glen Baxter, Jan Rothuizen ,  Jeroen de Leijer, John, Koermeling, Nastia Cistakova,  Tegneklubben, Joost Stokhof , Tammo Schuringa, Martyn F. Overweel, Han Hoogerbrugge, Jip van den Toorn, Dick Tuinder, Floor Rieder, Imke Bogers , Saskia Janssen, Paul Fassen at the Westergas Fabrik ,Amsterdam
2019 “Abweichende Linie” with Klaudia Stoll, Marco P. Schaefer, Matthias Voelcker, Thomas Erdelmeier, Angela Grasser, Lutz Garmsen, Markus Vater, MAtthias Deutsch, Petra Lottje, Lioba von den Driesch, Claudia Roessler, Dirk Heiden, Stephanus Heidacker, Juliane Ebner, at HilbertRaum, Berlin
2019 “Salon Hansa” curated by Hansa Wisskirchen......with among others Claus Foettinger, Gregor Hildebrandt, Jonas Burgert, Bjoern Dressler, Tine Furler, Isa Genzken, Alicia Kwade, Sophie von Hellermann, Miriam Vlaming, Ralf Ziervogel, Svenja Kreh, Thaddeus Hueppi, Frank Bauer, Armin Boehm, Alexandre Magno, Manfred Peckl, Joanna Bambi Buchowska and more… at Lachenmann Art, Frankfurt
2019 “Brexit: Mail Art from a Small Island” with Neil Bickerton, Matt Calderwood, Merlin Carpenter, Neil Clements, Andrew Cranston, Kate Davis, Lotte Gertz, Lois Green, Charlie Hammond, Winnie Herbstein, Andrew Kerr, Aoife McGarrigle, Victoria Morton, Ciara Phillips, Lorna Robertson, David Shrigley, Calum Stirling, Michael Stumpf, Markus Vater, Ally Wallace, Michael White at sipgate shows, Duesseldorf
2019 “buchstäblich” curated by Elmar Herman and Constanze Müller , with Claudia Barth, Meg Cranston, Guillermo Deisler, exc, Famed, Katharina Fritsch, Elmar Hermann, Estefanía Landesmann, Emanuel Mathias, Dieter Kiessling, Walter Libuda, Markus Vater, Anna Schimkat & Michael Barthel, Tilo Schulz at D21 Kunstraum and Max Planck Institut for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
2019 "Living is a problem" curated by Dave Hanger with Ian Breakwell, Ruth Evans, Dave Hanger, Franziska Lantz, Kate Owens, Mark Titchner, Amikam Toren, Markus Vater and Laura Yuile at Pi Artworks ,London
2019 Drawingroom Biennale at the Drawingroom, London
2019 “Zwischen Nähe und Distanz: Konstruktion von Wirklichkeiten. Von Goya bis Picasso” with Ernst Barlach, Peter Doig, Elger Esser, Francisco de Goya, Emil Hünten, Jenny Holzer, Käthe Kollwitz, Wilhelm Morgner, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter, Theodor Rocholl, Anna Vogel und Markus Vater,
Kunstpalast Museum, Duesseldorf
2018 “Bild und Blick – Sehen in der Modern” with among others Pablo Picasso, Adolph Luther,Kasemir Malewitsch, Piet Mondrian, Karl Schmitt Rottluff, Bridget Riley at the Wilhelm Hack Museum ,Ludwigshafen.
2018 “Battalion D’Amour” curated by Sebastian Nebe with Marie Aly, Olaf Bastigkeit, Emmanuel Bornstein, Paula Doepfner, Christian Henkel, Christian Hoosen, Annika Kleist, Alex Lebus, ' Sebastian Nebe, Yvonne Roeb, David Schiesser, Marianne Thörmer, Markus Vater, Malte Zenses, Sahar Zukerman in der Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig
2018 “Kanu islands”, with Anas / Nina Laaf / Sarah Degenhardt / Christian Patruno /Lukas Giesler /
Dominic Scharfenberg / Lea Gocht/ Axel Heil / Jonas Müller-Ahlheim / Jonas Rehren /Thomas Georg Blank /
Jana de Jonge / Myriam Holme/ Frank Frede / Laura Gaiser / Ulla Haussmann / Willi Bucher/ Markus Vater /
Anand Stadtländer / greater form / Hannah Gahlert/ Nikolaus Heyduck / John Isaacs / Christian Ertel
Nicole Bianchet/ Olaf Quantius / Indra at Mornewegstrasse 30, Darmstadt
2018 “Nightrealm” with Hamish Pearch, Margaux Valengin, Ana Milenkovic, Rafal Topolewsky,
Christopher Orr,Markus Vater at Arusha Gallery, Edingburgh
2017 “Remix2” with Birgitte Boesgaard, Enfants Terribles, Frodo Mikkelsen, Ingela Skytte,
Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen, Marianne Markvad, Markus Vater, Matvey Slavin, Mical Noelson,
Michael Würtz Overbeck, Morten Schelde, Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup, Simon Fensholm,
Trine Boesen at Kunstmix , Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 “Nebukadnezar” with 90 Artists : among others Ottmar Hörl, Franz Erhard Walther,
Thomas Rentmeister, Timm Ulrichs,Jürgen Knubben, Paul Huxley, Katharina Mayer ,Bernd Zimmer ,
Cordula Güdemann at the Forum Kunst Rottweil, Germany
2017 “ASP3” Artselfpublishing Fair at the ICA, London
2017 “The Diamond Sea” with Kaye Donachie, Gareth Cadwallader, Markus Vater,Jonathan Lux
and Freya Douglas Morris at the Saatchi Gallery, York Square, London
2017 Drawingroom Biennale with Marcel van Eeden, Julie Verhoven, Cornelia Parker,
Francis Upritchard, Dexter Dalwood, Erik van Lieshout, Hurvin Anderson, Caroline Achaintre,
Paul Noble, George Shaw, Julie Meretu, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Tom Chamberlain, Troika,
Adam Dant, David Austen, Lisa Milroy, Mona Hatoum, Ryan Gander, Rose Wylie, Laure Prouvoust,
Kathrin Boehm, Fred Tomaselli, Grayson Perry, Eddie PeakeMichael Landy, Claudia Wieser,
William Kentridge,Matt Calderwood, Shezad Dawood,, Michael Craig Martin, Julian Opie and more
at the Drawingroom London, Bermondsey London
2016 Particular Conditions with with Kate Fahey,Gianluca Craca,Denise de Cordova,Sosuke Ueta,
Shoko Osugi,Nguyen Thi Tue Thu,Yukiko Kishi,Koyomi Horioka,Haruna Kimura,Kei Imai,
Azusa Takahashi,Rina Ohito,Shunichi Iwata,Daiichi Matsushita,Ayako Takeo,Ayako Takeo,
Haruka Nakagawa,Haruka Matsumoto,Miyaco Murai,Ryo Nishimura,Sae Fujita,So Sakurai,Yuka Iyama,
Wei Ni Lu,Denis Masi,Flora Parrott,Adam Gillam,Susan Johanknecht,Kate Davis & David Moore,
Louise Short, Peter Lloyd ,Paul Morrison,Randy Bretzin,Eleanor Davies,Eleanor Vonne Brown,
Eva Gold,Eugenie Scrase,The Grantchester Pottery,Esther Collins,Jacqui Hallum,Pauline Wood,
Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard,Fernando Saiki,Simone Philippou,Mark Titchner,Mark Harris,
Mel Jordan,Oona Grimes,Tony Grisoni,John Strutton,Jo Love,Bob Matthews,
Nicky Coutts & Liz Murray,Gaia Persico,Kate Scrivener,Hiromi Tsuha,Finlay Taylor,Ettie Roux-Taylor,
Tim O’Riley,Dick Jewell,Dan Howard-Birt,Duncan Bullen,Jo Stockham, Markus Vater,Edwin Aitken
Badges by international artists exhibited at Kingsgate Project Space, SUBStore in Koenji,
Tokyo and Tadahon-ya, in Kyoto, Tokyo
2016 PAPERWORKS #4 with Jutta Bauer . Gaby Bergmann . Larissa Bertonasco . Joseph Beuys . Jens Bonnke
Eiko Borcherding . FRANEK . Karlotta Freier . Pierre von Helden . Martin Kippenberger
Judith Mall . Till Mette . Jub Mönster . Claudia Rößger . Markus Vater . Franz Zauleck . Muriel Zoe
at HOLTHOFF-MOKROSS Galerie , Hamburg
2016 “How to find true love and happiness” with Art N More (Paul Bowler&Georg Weissbach), Olaf Hastigkeit,
Timo Baumgaertel, Henriette Grahnert,Christian Heilig,Esther Horn, Corinnevon Lebusa, Rosa Loy,
Andrea Muehe, Sebastian Nebe, Richard Schuetz, Claus Georg Stabe, Sebastian Speckmann,
MarianneThoermer, Markus Vater , at Bikini Berlin, Berlin
2016 ASP2 , Artist Selfpublishing fair, at the ICA, London
2016 “Flashback & Guests” with Michael Coughlan, Thorbjørn Bechmann, Hartmut Stockter, William Anthony,
Torben Ebbesen, Margrete Sørensen, Snorri Asmundsson, Lone Skov Madsen, Kaj Nyborg, Morten Tillitz,
Steinunn Helga Sigurdardóttir, Hulda Vilhjamsdóttir, Ditte Bolt, Christoph Draeger, Helgi Fridjónsson,
Markus Vater, Jeffrey Hargrave, Tony Garifalakis, Søren Dahlgaard, Cordy Ryman, Jenny Watson,
Julia Oschartz, Bella Angora, Gunnar Örn, William Anastasi, Vu Thi Trang, Dove Bradshaw,
Tiina Elina Nurminen, Nikolaj Recke, Anne Bennike, Jeannette Ehlers, Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson,
Susanne Eybl, Berit Heggenhougen-Jensen, Thorbjørn Lausten, Albert Mertz, Janet Passehl, Lone Mertz,
Henrik Prydsbeck, Tyler Vlahovic, Jamie Isenstein, Monique van Genderen, Thomas Bang, Jes Brinch,
Gudmundur Ingolfsson at Stalke Galerie - Kirke Sonnerup , Denmark
2016 “ORBITAL EXPLORER” with Max Grüter , Birgit Jensen ,Kay Kaul, Martin Kleppe,Mihoko Ogaki,
Ekkehard Panek,Melanie Richte,Markus Vater
at Kulturforum Alte Post ,Staedtische Galerie Neuss, Germany
2016 “You’re invisible, but I’m going to eat you anyway” with Markus Vater and Jonathan Lux
at AMP gallery, Maeverick Projects , Peckham, London
2016 “1. – 21. Mai 2016, Griffelkunst e.V. zur 361. und 362. Bilderwahl Editions” with
Mathias Wild, Markus Vater, Germaine Krull, Cyrill Lachauer, Agata Madejska, Thomas & Renée Rapedius, 
Christopher Wool ,Daniel Wogenstein , Johanna Jaeger ,Martin Walde, Martin Eder
at Griffelkunst-Vereinigung Hamburg e.V.,Hamburg
2015 “"In Schönheit Auferstehen” with Emmanuel Bornstein, GL Brierley,Ben Cove,Lennart Grau,Axel Geis,
Michael Kunze,Ernie Luley,Lee Marshall,Jonathan Meese,Flavia Pitis,Michael Samuels,Jürgen Teller,
Markus Vater,Jo Wilmot ,Galerie Patrick Ebensperger, Berlin
2015 “Salon Hansa” at Kunstverein Famillie Montez, Frankfurt
2015 “Tara has no room inside” curated by Rosana Puyol at Unit 1 ,London
2015 “A man walks into a bar..” with Saâdane Afif ,Donald Baechler, John Baldessari, Fiona Banner, Rosa Barba,
Thomas Bayrle, Olivia Berckemeyer, Tim Berresheim, Beni Bischof, Norbert Bisky ,Pierre Bismuth,
John Bock, Michaël Borremans, Marc Brandenburg ,Ulla von Brandenburg, Sergey Bratkov, André Butzer,
Janet Cardiff, Michael Craig-Martin, Keren Cytter, Tacita Dean, Tatjana Doll, Sven Drühl, Marcel Dzama,
Marcel van Eeden, Haris Epaminonda, Elger Esser, Matias Faldbakken, Valérie Favre ,Simon Fujiwara,
Barnaby Furnas, Ryan Gander, gelitin ,Andrew Gilbert , Mathew Hale Lothar Hempel, Uwe Henneken,
Anton Henning, Arturo Herrera, Gregor Hildebrandt, Andy Hope, 1930 Matthew, Day Jackson,
Christian Jankowski, Annette Kelm, Ragnar Kjartansson, Terence Koh, Jakob Kolding, Friedrich Kunath,
Alicja Kwade, Jim Lambie, Tim Lee, Via Lewandowsky, Atelier van Lieshout, Erik van Lieshout,
Robert Longo, Kris Martin, Jonathan Meese, Julie Mehretu, Bjarne Melgaard, Bjørn Melhus, Gerold Miller,
Ingo Mittelstaedt , Jonathan Monk, Olivier Mosset, Mariele Neudecker, Frank Nitsche, Roman Ondak,
David Ostrowski, Seb Patane ,William Pope.L ,Tal R, Tobias Rehberger, Daniel Richter, Julian Rosefeldt,
Ed Ruscha, Karin Sander ,Tomás Saraceno, Matt Saunders, Thomas Scheibitz, Ariel Schlesinger,
Thomas Schütte , Norbert Schwontkowski, Sean Scully, David Shrigley, Ann-Sofi Sidén ,Sara Sizer,
Andreas Slominski ,Nedko Solakov, Thaddeus Strode, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Fred Tomaselli,
Ignacio Uriarte ,Markus Vater, Mark Wallinger, Rebecca Warren, Lawrence Weiner, Rachel Whiteread,
Johannes Wohnseifer ,Erwin Wurm ,Ralf Ziervogel ,Thomas Zipp. at me Collectors Room Berlin , Berlin
2014 “A Union of Voices” At Horatio Jr. , Rotherhite ,London
2014 ‘LU” Designpreis Rheinlandpfalz at Gutenberg Museum, Mainz ,Germany
2014 “House of Voltaire” , Studio Voltaire at 39 Albermarle Street , Mayfair, London
2014 “Hands” Project invited by Sven Sachsalber at Museion, Bozen, Italy
2014 “Equal goes it loose” with Joscha Blankenburg, Sebastian Wiegand, Franz Helffenstein, Christian Kempel,
Paula Loeding, Magdalena Los, Elisabeth Moch, Leonie Rottmann, Pablo Schlumberger, 
Timon Schmolling, Julia Storz, Daniel Vier,Carlos Zambrano, Ronja Zschoche ,
at news of the world, enclave4 , Deptford, London
2014 “Drei Stile Eine Blüte” with Bert Didillon, Thomas Fischer und Markus Vater, Osram Höfe, Berlin
2013 “Twilight Zone” , with Marcin Cienski, Jörn Gerstenberg, Frederik Foert, Florian Göpfert/Alekos Hofstetter,
Christian Heilig, Esther Horn, Oliver Krähenbühl, Nadine Rennert, Richard Schütz, Tassilo Sturm,
Markus Vater at Kunstverein Tiergarten, Galerie Nord, Turmstrasse 75, Berlin
2013 “9 Video Weekends” , with Gábor Bódy, Inken Boje, Horst Gläsker, Manuel Graf, Annebarbe Kau, Peter Kolb,
Mischa Kuball, Nam June Paik, Beat Streuli, Gudrun Teich and Markus Vater ,
Museum Kunstpalast , Duesseldorf
2013 “Not Book”, “The international Plain Notebook Projekt”, Beit Ha’ir ,Tel Aviv
2013 “Drawing Bienale 2013”, with ,among others : Michael Landy, July Verhoven, Angela de la Cruz, Kerstin
Kartscher, Jessica Voorsanger,Dexter Dalwood, Richard Deacon, Pavel Büchler,Ian Kiaer, Paul Noble,
Mark Wallinger, Franz Erhard Walter, Tobias Rehberger, Cornelia Parker, Suzanne Triester, Paula Rego,
Mark Fairnington, AK Dolven, Mona Hatoum, Eva Rothschild, Claudia Wieser, Antony Gormley
at the Drawingroom, London
2013 “Text und Bild”, mit Uwe Henneken, Irene Hug, Stefan Marx, Anna Meyer, Gunter Reski, Wawa Tokarski,
Markus Vater, Kunstbunker Nuernberg, Forum fuer zeitgenoessische Kunst, Nuernberg (upcoming)
2013 “Wann kommt Immendorff” , mit Michael Stevenson, Cornelius Quabeck, Ina Bruchlos ,Markus Vater,
Kornhaeuschen, Webergasse am Schloss, Aschaffenburg
2013 “Lucky Weekend”, invited by Anna K.E. at Simone Subal Gallery, New York City
2013 “Books”, at News of the world, Deptford, London
2012 "I love Aldi " mit Peter Anton, Winfried Baumann und Anna Bien, Günther Beier, Joseph Beuys,
Tatjana Doll, Felix Droese, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Robert Filiou,Christian Jankowski,Lili Fischer,
Günther Fruhtrunk, Heinrich Gartentor, Torben Giehler, Thomas Henke,Konsortium, Guido Münch,
Gabriele Langendorf, Jani Leinonen, M+M, Alice Musiol,Birgit Nadrau, Katinka Pilscheur,
Thomas Rentmeister, Michael Sailstorfer, Angelika Schröder, Stephanie Senge, Francisco Sierra,
Piero Steinle, Jan Thomas,Markus Vater, Iskender Yediler
im Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein
2012 "Painting Show " mit George Best, Ashley Bickerton,Simon Bill, Joe Bradley, Brendan Cass,
George Condo, Cullinan Richards, Mark Handforth,Dietmar Lutz, Hayley Tompkins, Barry McGee,
David Musgrave, Paul Newman, André Niebur,Rupert Norfolk, Nicolas Party, William Pope.L,
Laure Prouvost, Rob Pruitt, RH Quaytman, Imran Qureshi, Alessandro Raho, Dan Rees,
Tamuna Sirbiladze, John Russell & Fabienne Audéoud, DJ Simpson, Josh Smith, Alexis Marguerite Teplin,
Paul Thek, Richard Tuttle, Markus Vater, Richard Woods, Zheng Guogu , Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2011 "Der Menschenklee" with Anna Barriball,Eva Berendes,Brian Chalkley, Declan Clarke,Richard Clegg,
Paul McDevitt,Cornelius Quabeck,Neal Tait,Sophie von Hellermann,Markus Vater,Martin Westwood
at KIT , Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Mannesmannufer, Düsseldorf
2011 "On my Way" with Hyun-Mee Ahn, Tamina Amadyar, Abdolreza Aminlari, Egdor Galouzo, Ko Ichikawa,
Keita Mori & Erika Mito, Jon Moscow, Ninakarlin Prinz, Mia Puranen, Markus Vater
im KVKM | Kunstverein Köln Mülheim e.V. | Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse 216 | 51063 Köln
2011 "Definite Gaze" mit Alex Bag,Eric Baudelaire,Jacob Ciocci, Tom Rubnitz, Markus Vater
bei NewBridge Space, 18 Newbridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2010 "Linea,Line,Linie" , mit Irina Baschlakow, Marc Brandenburg, Monika Brandmeier, Fernando Bryce,
Marcel van Eeden, Gerhard Faulhaber, Katharina Hinsberg, Pauline Kraneis, Pia Linz, Christiane Löhr,
Theresa Lükenwerk, Nanne Meyer, Thomas Müller, Christian Pilz, Alexander Roob, Malte Spohr,
German Stegmaier, Markus Vater, Jorinde Voigt and Ralf Ziervogel,
eine Ausstellung des Instituts fuer Auslandsbeziehungen im Kunstmuseum Bonn
2010 "Seemed like a good idea at the time",with Aleesa Cohene, Alex da Corte, Jon Pylypchuk,
OR Gallery, Vancouver
2010 "Playboys and Killjoys", with Raymond Pettibon, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Erwin Wurm, Eric Yanker,
Ambach & Rice Gallery, Seattle
2010 "Parallel Remix" with Suzanne Treister, Kazimir Malevich, Yuko Shirashi,Maia Naveriani,
Nikolai Mikhailovich Suetin, Andrew Palmer, Frantisek Kupka, Markus Vater, Grisha Bruskin,
Elizabeth Magill, Vladimir Yakvlev, Alison Turnbull, Robert Delaunay, Gary Woodley,
Ilya Grigorievich Chasnik at Loenard Hutton Galleries, New York
2010 "25+25", Kunstverein Wilhelmshoehe, Ettlingen with Franz Bernhard, Jürgen Brodwolf, Peter Chevalier,
Tony Cragg, Helmut Dorner, Peter Dreher, Günther Förg, Erwin Gross, Cordula Güdemann,
Friedemann Hahn, Georg Herold, Leni Hoffmann, Alfonso Hüppi, Magdalena Jetelová, Udo Koch,
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2009 "Shudder" , Drawingroom, London, mit Edwina Ashton, Barry Doupé, Ann Course, Avish Khebrehzadeh,
Matt Mullican, Raymond Pettibon, Naoyuki Tsuji and Markus Vater
2009 "Pamphile" , Jet , Berlin mit Peter Boehnisch, Lutz Braun, Jonathan Brewer, Drei Hamburger Frauen,
Ulrich Emmert, Stefan Ettlinger, Hans Christian Dany, Heike Föll, Ellen Gronemeyer, Anna Gudmundsdottir,
Sebastian Hammwöhner, Eberhard Havekost, Sophie von Hellermann, Uwe Henneken, Nadira Husain,
Dani Jakob, Kerstin Kartscher, Jürgen Kisch, Korpys & Löffler, Clemens Krümmel, Hans-Jörg Mayer,
Isa Melsheimer, Christina Mohrhardt, Gunter Reski, Christian Schwarzwald, Markus Selg, Martin Skauen,
Susan Turcot, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Gabriel Vormstein, Marcus Weber
2009 "RANK" , ‘Rank, picturing the social order, 1516 – 2009’ alongside historical and contemporary works by
artists and writers including Victor Burgin, Walter Crane, George Cruikshank, Dexter Dalwood, Gustave
Doré, Eric Gill, James Gillray, Alasdair Gray, Thomas Hobbes, William Hogarth, Ambrosius Holbein, Evan
Holloway, Jenny Holzer, Mustafa Hulusi, Ernest Jones, Thomas More, Gerhard Richter, Mark Titchner and
Ruth Evans. The exhibition will tour from Leeds Art Gallery (14 February – 26 April 2009) to the Northern
Gallery for Contemporary Art (15 May – 11 July 2009) and the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool (24 July – 5
September 2009)
2008 "THE GOLDEN RECORD", Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
2008 “A Meeting Between The Tragic and The Funny” mit Fred Bervoets, Bissy Bunder, Olaf Breuning,Vaast
Colson, Anton Cotteleer, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Geert Goiris, Kati Heck, Nick Hullegie, Daniel
Johnston, Peter Lemmens, Michèle Matyn, Guy Rombouts, Franck Scurti, Roman Signer, 
Dennis Tyfus, Bart Van Dijck, Marijn Van Kreij, Erik Van Lieshout, Middelheim Museum in Antwerp,
at the Hessenhuis , Belgien
2008 Vertrautes terrain , " Streng verdaulich" ,ZKM . Museum fuer Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe
2008 "Money, Kurator Dr. Reinhard Spieler ,Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, mit
Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, Tatjana Doll, Heinrich Gartentor, Andreas Gursky, Hans Haacke,
Mischa Kuball, Alicja Kwade, Wasa Marjanov, Ulli Maier, Guido Munch, Pink Floyd, Martin Scorsese, Dag
Seemann, Anton Stankofski, Klaus Staeck, Piero Steinle, Yann Toma, Egbert Trogemann, Timm Ulrichs,
Stefan Wewerka , Sino AG, Duesseldorf
2008 "The cave had been moved", Fundament foundation Tilburg (together with Marc Bijl)
2007 Black Mountain , Hans Schulte und Markus Vater , Museum Baden, Solingen
2007 frisch gestrichen , Franz Gertsch Museum , Schweiz
2007 Markus Vater & The Mind/Body Problem Radiohole at East River Bar
97 South 6th Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2007 " " ,montana berlin , Berlin
2007 Artfutures , Bloombergspace ,London
2006 Sculpture Garden ,Phoenix Garden, Stacey Street , with Henry Coleman, Luke Dowd, Tatiana
Echeverri Fernandez, Babak Ghazi, Anthea Hamilton, Frank Hannon + Andy Cooke, Tom
Hmphreys, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, Sara Mackillop, Nathaniel Mellors, David Noonan, Giles
Round and Markus Vater
2006 Metropolis Rise: New Art from London,with Caroline Achaintre, Reza Aramesh, Sarah Baker,
Sam Basu, Diann Bauer, Dave Beech, Anat Ben-David, David Burrows, Lali Chetwynd, Dan
Coombs, Lorin Davies, Ian Dawson, Jeremy Deadman, Patricia Ellis, Iain Forsyth & Jane
Pollard, Matt Franks, Babak Ghazi, Brian Griffiths, Anthony Gross, Mark Hutchinson,
International Necronautical Society (INS), Heidi Kilpelainen (HK 119), Klega, Pil and Galia
Kollectiv, Denise Kum, Francis Lamb, Cyril Lepetit, Cedar Lewisohn, David Lock, Caroline
McCarthy, David Medalla, Flavia Muller Medeiros, Jo Mitchell, Suzanne Mooney, Alex Gene
Morrison, Sophie Newell, Harold Offeh, Paul O'Neill, Luke Oxley, Douglas Park, Mark Pawson,
Mark Pearson, Gail Pickering, John Russell, Hideyuki Sawayanagi, Lindsay Seers, Tai Shani,
Bob & Roberta Smith, Mark Titchner, Mayling To, Markus Vater, Stella Vine, Jessica
Voorsanger , Joe Walsh, Martin Westwood, Annie Whiles, Jen Wu, O Zhang Dashanzi
798 Art District,Chaoyang District, Beijing
2006 Lantana Projects - with Jeremy Deller, George Shaw, Joel Hilgenberg, Grier Edmundson,
Dhanraj Emmanuel, Ian Lemmonds, Brian Sharp, Danny Gordon, Jacopo Benci, Markus Vater,
Ann Marie James, Dolph Smith, Allison Smith, Laurie Nye, Hamlett Dobbins, Gary Rough,
Christian Patterson,
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
2006 made in germany _ Malerei der Gegenwart, gip international fine art,Die Ausstellung vereint
künstlerische Arbeiten u.a. von Gerhard Richter, Henrik Ahr, Sven Drühl, Henrik Eiben,
Wolfgang Ellenrieder, Wolfgang Flad, Torben Giehler, Stephan Huber, Heribert C. Ottersbach,
Markus Vater, Cornelius Völker, Carl Emanuel Wolff._Burgdorf,Switzerland
2006 Pleasuring the black sun ,Zinger presents ,Tilburg ,Netherlands
2005 Goethe Abwaerts , Deutsche Jungs etc, with Martin Kippenberger, Vito Acconci ,Werner
Büttner , Jonatan Meese, Franz Ackermann,Bjarne Melgaard, Albert Oehlen, Richard
Prince,Gunter Reski, Gerhard Richter, Andreas Slominski and lots more,
The Falckenberg Collection , Helsinki City Art Museum Meilahti , Helsinki ,Finnland
2005 Hydrophoebia II , Zinger presents ,Tilburg ,Netherlands
2005 'On Demand' , an exhibition with Oreet Ashery, the Guerrilla Girls, Ben Morieson, Eileen
Perrier, Markus Vater
at The Centre of Attention ,London
2005 SV05, Selected by Enrico David and Catherine Wood, Studio Voltaire,London
2005 "Wicked Game",Achim Hoops, Nikolaus List, Marco P. Schaefer, Markus Vater ,
Galerie Stalke, Copenhagen
2005 'Section des Tableaux' groupshow with works by Andreas Diefenbach, Andreas Leikauf,
Jörg Lozek, Katrin Plavcak, Christina Vantzou, Markus Vater,
at Maes&Matthes , Antwerp ,Belgium
2005 Positionen zur Malerie aus Deutschland, Leipzig - Düsseldorf, with Paule Hammer ,
Katharina Immekus ,Marianna Krüger ,Verena Landau ,Matthias Ludwig ,Stefan Stößel ,
Miriam Vlaming, Sophie von Stillfried,Axel Brandt ,Frank Esser ,Stefan Ettlinger ,
Sophie von Hellermann ,Robert Klümpen ,Markus Vater ,Cornelius Völker, Karin Kneffel ,
Galerie Gmyrek ,Düsseldorf
2005 "Passionate fraud - romantic atmospheres and states of matter"
curated by Ludwig Seyfarth, Hamburg, and Nina Koidl, Berlin ,
at the Art Frankfurt
2005 2.Int Lückerinnerungstreffen, WBD, Berlin
2005 "Firewall" 2,with Jonas Dahlberg, Andreas Koepnik, Julie Mehretu, Aernout Mik, Julia Scher,
Markus Vater ,Magnus Wallin, Johannes Wohnseifer ,
Würtembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
2005 "Direct painting" with Franz Ackermann, Cecily Brown, Glenn Brown, André Butzer, Peter Doig,
Martin Eder, Eberhard Havekost, Anton Henning, Andreas Hofer, Nina Hoffmann, Merlin James,
Piotr Janas, Max Kaminski, James Lloyd, Michel Majerus, Martin Maloney, Jonathan Meese,
Harland Miller, Jan Pei-Ming, Elizabeth Peyton, Albert Oehlen, Fiona Rae, Carol Rhodes,
Daniel Richter, Wilhelm Sasnal, Thomas Scheibitz, Julian Schnabel, David Schnell,Dana Schutz
Soo-Kyoung Seo , Yang Shaobin, Koen van den Broek, Adriana Varejao, Markus Vater,
Stephen Waddell, Mathias Weischer, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye,
Kunsthalle Mannhein , Mannheim
2005 Villa Romana (new positions) , Kunstverein Willhelmhoehe ,Ettlingen
2005 Chaim Soutine,Tattooes by Edwina Ashton/Sally Barker/Joe Biel/Isha Bohling/Alex Bunn/David
Burrows/Jason Coburn/Wim Delvoye/Marie Depardieu/Jack Duplock/Swetlana Hger/Doug
Fishbone/ Mathew Hale/Peter Harris/Scott King/ Kim Merrington/Ian Monroe/ Victor Mount/
Bruno Munsterberg/Richard Owen/Janette Parris/Lisa Prior/The Royal Art Lodge/David Shrigley/
John Strutton/Mark Titchner/Gavin Turk/ Markus Vater/Julie Verhoeven/Johannes Wohnseifer ,
at Happy Sailor, London
2004 "Year Zero" ,with Luke Caulfield, Lali Chetwynd, Alan Michael, David Salle, Daniel Sinsel,
Richard Wathen,
Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art ,Sunderland ,England
2004 "Strike" , including 100 Artists curated by Gavin Wade, at basekamp, Philadelphia ,
The exhibition is part of The big Nothing,initiated by Institut of Contemporary Art,
University of Pennsylvania
2004 "Firewall" , with Jonas Dahlberg, Andreas Koepnik, Julie Mehretu, Aernout Mik,Julia Scher,
Magnus Wallin, Johannes Wohnseifer,
Ausstellungshalle für Zeitgenoessiche Kunst Münster
2004 "tonight" , curated by Paulo'Neill , with Brian Griffith, Dj Simson, Declan Clarke and others,
Studio Voltaire, London
2004 "Mutanten",invited by Tatjana Doll, PS1 , New York
2004 Malerei , together with Rodney Graham, Slawomir Elsner, Günther Foerg , Olaf Holzapfel, Frank
Nitsche, Rafael Bujnowski ,
Galerie Schoettle, Munich
2004 Malerei IV , Johnen und Schoettle Galerie, Cologne
2003 Villa Romana 2003, together with Norbert Küppers, Geelke Gayken, Sven Ole Frahm,
Salone Villa Romana, Florence
2003 "Hydrophobia" , together with Heike Kathi Barath, Gereon Krebber,Frenk Meeuwsen,
Dirk Skreber , Sophie von Hellermann, Esther Rutenfranz,Tim Stoner ,Markus Willeke ,
Dietmar Lutz
at Henry Peacock Gallery, London
2003 "The greatest show on earth", a collaboration with Martin Clark, also Matthew Arnatt, Phyllida
Barlow, Justine Daf, Judith Dean, Tacita Dean, Moyra Derby, Sean Dower, Jose Ferreira,
Peter Fillingham, Douglas Gordan, Jim Hicks, Mark Ingham, Steve Johnstone and
Graham Ellard, Gareth Jones, Elizabeth Kent, Jane Lee, Wayne Lloyd, Charlotte Moth,
Victor Mount, Sadie Murdoch, Adam Nankervis, Luke Oxley, Jaqueline Pennell, Clunie Reid,
John Russell and Fabienne Audeoud, John Seth, Donald Smith, Camilla Wilson
Hotel , Felixstowe ,England
2003 "The theory of everything", Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot, rue des Haudriette, Paris
2002 Die harten Realitaeten, with Sophie von Hellermann, Artagents , Hamburg
2002 "The New Old School", ibid Projects ,31 October - 15 December, Sara MacKillop, Mikelis Fisers,
August Künnapu, Alisa Mulina, Dima Kudin,Laurynas Liberis, Benigna Kasparaviciute,
Loreta Bilinskaite-Burke & Laura, Stasiulyte,
Vilnius. Litauen
2002 The Gallery Show, Royal Academy , Piccadilly, London
2002 hobbypopMuseum , Bonner Kunstverein, August Macke Platz ,Bonn
2002 Am Anfang der Bewegung stand ein Skandal, Artlab, Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz,
Mark Dickenson & Martin Clark,Kaye Donachie ,Daniela Johnson ,Eichelmann,
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Elizabeth Price ,Alun Rowlands , Salon de Fleurus,Tilo Schulz , Szuper Gallery , Mark Titchner
,Markus Vater,Christopher Warmington,
hosted by Lehnbachhaus München, München
2002 Mapping the process, with Sigmar Polke, Dan Graham, Mike Kelly and others ,
Essor Gallery , 1 America Street, London
2002 "The bold and the beautyful" , Mile end Park, London
2002 Drawn out, London Print Studio, Harrow Road, London
2002 No Timewasters, Kent Institut for Art and Design, Rochester
2002 "Modern Love", VTO, London
2001 "Black and White",with Damien Hirst, Dan Flavin, Andy Warhol,Bernd und Hilla Becher and
others , Blains Fine Art, London
2001 "Death to the fascist insect...", Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London
2001 "fear it,do it anyway" ,Vilma Gold/ Arthur R.Rose –Galllery,London
2000 "Furore", hobbypopMuseum at Vilma Gold Gallery, London
2000 "SANDY", at Art Agents, Hamburg
2000 "The armchair-project" at Cinch, NewburghStreet,London
2000 " Assembly" , JubileeStreet, London 2000 “on swedish ground”,Konstmuseum Kristinehamn,Kristinehamn
2000 “Paintings”, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London
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Stanley Pricker Gallery, Kingston
2000 democracy ,Royal College of Art ,London, in collorbaration with Cesare Pietroiusti
2000 “hobbypopMUSEUM presents ANGEL ISLAND” ,NICC, Antwerp
2000 “297 x 210” , Arthouse Dublin, February , Dublin
1999 “When we were young others went riding. We didn’t!”, together with C. Breuer,
Regionalmuseum Xanten
1999 “Live Marslandung”,Videoinstallation,hobbypopMUSEUM Düsseldorf
1999 “know what I mean ? “ ,Young german artists in Britain, Goethe-Instituit London
1999 “Spiel des Lebens “, Hauptpost Düsseldorf
1998 “hobbypop - terror “, Glut, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
1998 “Keep on Riding , volkstümliche Malerei “, Forum Kunst, Rottweil
1998 “hobbypop publication “, Niet de Kunstvlaai, Westergasfabrik, Amsterdam
1998 “Mayday “, Boehlerwerke, Düsseldorf
1998 “Wie wohl sein Unterkiefer schmeckt ?”,Schnitt Ausstellungsraum, Cologne
1998 “toi toi toi “, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf
1998 “Blindlings “, Werstener Kunstbunker, Wersten
1998 “Die Serie “ ,Galerie 102, Düsseldorf
1998 “Das banale Schoene “,Museum Baden, Solingen,Kunsthaus Reutlingen,
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